What areas do you service?

La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, coastal San Diego County, and their immediate surrounding areas including (but not limited to) Kensington, Scripps Ranch, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, 4S Ranch, Point Loma and University City

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, personal checks and cash are accepted.

Please inquire about our military discount available to active-duty and retired personnel.

What are your operating hours?

Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm.

How do I schedule an inspection?

All inspections are by appointment and we ask that you contact our office by phone or email for scheduling purposes. Same day appointments are often available.

Do you charge for inspections?

Yes.  A “termite inspection”, also known as a Wood Destroying Pest and Organisms Inspection Report, requires a thorough inspection of the complete interior and exterior of the structure, including accessible attic spaces, garages, and sub areas.  The inspector will be looking for evidence of termites, excessive moisture, fungus, dry rot, and other adverse conditions, as well as damage as a result of these conditions.

The inspection normally takes between 1-2 hours.  After completing the inspection, the inspector will discuss any findings with the homeowner, agent, or other designated parties, and will make appropriate treatment recommendations.

A full written report will be issued, usually within 48 hours, and will be sent to all parties designated by the person requesting the inspection.

Our minimum charge for a full termite inspection is $95.00.  Large properties or structures with multiple units may incur an additional charge.

You may notice that some companies offer “free inspections” or “termite evaluations”.  In most cases, these offers do not provide for a full interior and exterior inspection and, although mandated by the State of California and required by law, no written report is filed.  Often, the inspection itself will be “free” but the company will charge a fee to issue a written report outlining its findings and recommendations.  Ask questions and read the fine print in these offers carefully. For your own protection always ask that a written report be filed.  These reports are matters of public record and can be accessed in the future should an issue arise.

Your home is your most valuable asset.  A complete termite inspection is a small investment in peace of mind and an inexpensive form of protection for your property.

Do you guarantee/warranty your work?

We are proud to stand behind our work and offer the following standard warranties for treatment completed by  Seacoast Termite Control, Inc.: All localized treatments - 1 year, Fumigations - 2 years

Annual termite control service contracts (“Termite Insurance Policies”) are available and highly recommended due to the nature and prevalence of termites in Southern California. Please inquire for further information.

Why is a written report required/provided?

State of California requires operators to document all inspections and notices of work completed. This documentation must be filed with the Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB) within ten days of completion, be maintained for three years and be made available to the SPCB upon request.

In addition to termites, does my written report include other inspection concerns?

A thorough Structural Pest Control Inspection not only includes drywood and subterranean termite infestation but also fungus, fungus damage, excessive moisture conditions and their sources, beetle infestation, and a variety of conditions conducive to the development of these types of problems. Wood and cellulose debris, earth to wood contacts, and faulty grade just to name a few.

We at Seacoast Termite Control, Inc. believe it is important to inform the homowner of issues that may not be part of a standard Structure Pest Control Inspection Report. Detached duct work, insulation issues (missing or displaced), suspected roof leaks, rodent or mammal intrusions, concrete slab cracks, foundation cracks, or improper venting of a clothes dryer are just a handful of the issues we periodically see in residential and commercial properties that are never included in a "free" inspection.

What if I’m considering fumigation and have a concern about my tile (or other type of fragile material) roof?

Almost without exception we will have to walk on your roof during the fumigation process. In our over 40 years of experience handling fumigations, we’ve dealt with a wide variety of roofing and while shake and composition roofs are generally not a problem, we do offer an insurance option to homeowners whose tile, slate composite, or concrete roofing materials can pose problems.

For an additional fee, Seacoast Termite Control, Inc. will guarantee to replace or repair any materials damaged during the fumigation process. To protect the homeowner, and ourselves, we will do a pre-count of any broken or damaged material. This material will be marked with chalk as this clearly indicates those that were compromised prior to the fumigation.

There are some roofs we cannot insure. This situation is rare however and will be discussed with the homeowner as necessary.