Fumigating a structure is the most effective process to control Drywood termite infestation. It is not the only method, but it is the most thorough, especially in controlling inaccessible colonies.


  • A fumigation is completed over a period of 2 ½ days, with the exception of weekends and holidays which may require an additional night out.
  • SDGE will turn the gas to the property off prior to commencement of the fumigation and will restore service once the job is completed and cleared for re-entry.
  • Electricity is not affected.
  • Box fans will be placed within the structure to circulate the gas and keep concentration levels equal in all parts of the structure.


Seacoast Termite Control, Inc. is here to help and strives to make the fumigation process as seamless as possible. Prior to each fumigation, we will meet with the owner/occupant to demonstrate how preparation can be done in an easy and timely manner. We encourage involved parties to contact us with any questions.

  • Plants, pets and people must be removed from the structure.
  • Food may be removed or placed in specifically designed bags which Seacoast Termite Control, Inc. will provide. This includes the contents of refrigerators and freezers.
  • No bagging is necessary for items in glass containers, cans, or plastic bottles if they are unopened and have the original seal in place. All ingestible medications are also handled in this manner.
  • Unopened wine and spirits do not need to be bagged.
  • Some exterior plant preparation may be necessary. The inspector will do a “walk around” of the property prior to commencement of the fumigation to point out anything that might need attention and to discuss the effects of the gas on any plantings that must be covered.


Further information and all required documentation for your fumigation can be found below. Not all forms are necessary for each job as each may or may not have special circumstances as specified by the inspector. Please contact the office with any questions.


Seacoast Termite Control, Inc. requires a 50% deposit of the total fumigation price at the time papers are signed. Balance is due and payable upon completion of fumigation.