Seacoast Termite Control, Inc. provides structural pest control inspections for homeowners and escrow transactions. These include residential, commercial, apartment and condominium units or complexes. Our treatment methodologies include structural fumigations, localized chemical applications and structural repairs.

Because all structures in Southern California have termites, had termites, or will have termites, Seacoast Termite Control, Inc. also offers a targeted service to provide ongoing protection against re-infestation and the costs associated with it for those properties already having undergone some manner of termite treatment. An excellent way to protect your most valuable asset, the Annual Termite Control Service Contract is essentially an insurance policy for your property. Cost of this service is determined by the size of the property itself and includes an annual inspection, site visits upon request if suspected termite activity presents itself to the homeowner, treatment for subterranean termite infestation, localized chemical treatment for drywood termite infestation, and re-fumigation*. 

A sample copy of our Annual Termite Control Service Contract can be found here.

*Re-fumigation if Seacoast Termite Control, Inc. has previously fumigated the property and it has been on a continuous Annual Control Service Contract since the original fumigation.